Thursday, May 7, 2015

Fightstick Parts and Accessories Storage

I have picked up working out again a few months ago. You know. A little cardio here. Push-ups and pull-ups there. Then came the eating healthier portion that coincides with that. (I was going to use the word "cleaner" when I mentioned eating, but after typing and re-reading it, I figured some smart ass, such as myself, would comment on my choice of words.) Anyway, at the other end of the plaza where my gym/work is located, is this Mexican market. I started buying snacks from there during my break. Gallon of water, apples, bananas, oranges, etc. Well, I begin to notice that produce over there aren't quite as fresh as I'm use to from other grocery stores and that it's been days since I've seen any more produce being brought it. I got tired of not being able to buy ripe and fresh fruit, so the alternative? Gerber baby food. And that's where this is headed for all you impatient ones. I'm not talking about the ones that come in the baby jars, but the rectangular plastic cups. Nutritionally they did the job as far as snacks go, but the biggest reward? The reusable plastic rectangular containers.

Now for those of you who like to spend money on replacement/backup parts for your fightstick(s), pretty soon you'll have to find a place to store these things. Probably the most popular parts that are purchased are the pushbuttons. They usually come in a pair of twos and in a small plastic bag, in these thin, flimsy, plastic holders. I don't know about you, but I like to keep all my pushbuttons, joysticks, dust covers, ball tops, springs, etc together for easy and quick access. Some of these parts are pretty small and can easily get lost or misplaced. Looking at this empty Gerber banana cup, I realized that the cups can be reused. So to keep you from falling asleep, here are a few was you can use these Gerber baby food cups.

Oh, before I go on, I'd like to say that you can buy these at just about any grocery store. At the Mexican market at the end of the plaza, they sell for $1.59, but Wal-Mart has them cheaper. In case you have no idea what I'm talking about or what they look like, here is an image of one.

Doesn't that look good?! Alright, without further ado, here are a few examples of how I used a few of them.

 photo 20150507_011122_zpszfn2nvej.jpg I got yellow ones.

 photo 20150507_011137_zps7eyzsrbn.jpg 

I got shaft covers and ball tops.

 photo 20150507_011148_zpsxkazlbis.jpg

I even have a quick release JLF shaft!

 photo 20150507_011155_zpsqglju7mz.jpg

These are great for containing screws and dust covers too.

 photo 20150507_011207_zpszigu5jce.jpg

More ball tops! 

 photo 20150507_011411_zpsagexsvdz.jpg

A big container to contain the little ones! You can find different size tupper ware bins at your local Wal-Mart or Target (or even K-Mart) stores. 

 photo 20150507_011443_zpsryzplmom.jpg

These are stack-able and the drawer can also be removed if needed. 

 photo 20150507_011533_zpsar8epx5s.jpg

An army of Gerber baby food containers filled with Sanwa goodies!

 photo 20150507_011558_zpsyfeiq6xt.jpg

Easily stack-able and they fit perfectly inside!

 photo 20150507_011629_zpsudp5c0uq.jpg

Just an idea of the spacing and room. 

 photo 20150507_011635_zps4asbpvh8.jpg

 photo 20150507_011730_zps4n5cmwkw.jpg

I don't know about you, but I think that these containers look a lot better than what your pushbuttons comes in. The prongs where you insert the wires won't easily get bent or damaged either. 

 photo 20150507_011751_zpsjwxw2sfy.jpg

 photo 20150507_011801_zpsg8ul4ymr.jpg

I've look into those hobby storage boxes and even fishing tackle boxes, but none of them seem to be able to hold pushbuttons in sets/pairs in those blocks that they have. Some have dividers that you can customize, but they too seem to not be as much use. I guess it all depends on your needs. I just wanted to write about how I now store and organize my Sanwa/Seimitsu parts/accessories for my fightsticks. Hope you  found this useful in one way or another. Maybe you're into Legos, like I am and need something to separate certain pieces while you build your next mech, car, plane, or building? Who knows, right? Thanks for checking this out! 

- Rotendo 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Killer Instinct Winter Brawl 9 Interview: PaulB

Okay, ladies and gentlemen. I have treat for you all. The interview with Winter Brawl 9's Killer Instinct Champion, Mr. Paul Ramos! Better known as PaulB.  PaulB graces us with his thoughts on Winter Brawl 9 and eyes on the prize.

Q&A With the Mr. Miss Riptor (you guys know what I mean), himself, Paul B!

You were recently at Winter Brawl last month held in New Jersey. Tell us, what goals and expectations did you have coming to the tournament?

Simply - to win, and not in close sets, but to outright dominate. I remember the exact moment during a sprint in Spin class, heart rate at about 180BPM, where I realized I had trained incredibly hard and was ready to take my 2nd major. I was focused. I was prepared. I made a tremendous amount of mistakes against CDjr at Apex which allowed him to reset the bracket and put me in 2nd place. I studied the tapes and made sure to eliminate those bad habits from my game.

Did you come into the tournament with a chip on your shoulders given the (pre-patch) complaints about Riptors’ err… tech and that you couldn't win without it?

No, not at all, and this is some of the best advice I can give to up and coming competitors: stop caring what other people think. You’ll hear lots of players complain about “broken” and “cheap” stuff, and how they would “never use it,” but I can tell you they’re all full of shit. Absolutely, completely full of shit.

When I spend $500+ on a plane ticket, $200+ on hotel expenses, and have to take time off from my career to compete at a tournament you can bet your *ass* that I’m going to do everything in my power to win. That includes using all the tools that are currently available to the characters I use.

Any player that refuses to use all of the tools at their character’s disposal because of some false sense of morality is quite simply putting himself at a competitive disadvantage. It’s not surprising that the most vocal opponents of “broken tech” aren’t winning majors and most of the time aren’t even placing Top 8 or competing at all.

People will take the moral high ground and get on their soap boxes about “broken tech” when their characters don’t have any, but history has proven that they fully exploit that shit the moment the characters they play get some.

examples: Orchids at TFC post-Season2-patch abusing double shadow uppercats, TJs at TFC abusing safe-tremor, Omens at WB9 abusing unbreakable medium auto doubles, Sadiras incessantly abusing safe counter-breaker setups and unbreakables, Wulf players abusing 20% damage boost in instinct and safe sweep CBs, Thunder players abusing all-manual-throw-link combos, Kan Ra players currently abusing completely unbreakable combos, Maya players doing dagger juggles to build meter, etc, etc.  The list goes on and on.

The thing is, I’m guilty of this too. We all are, unfortunately. We try to minimize others’ accomplishments by criticizing their techniques. But we all know at the end of the day the only thing that matters is who takes home that medal.

So while I was extremely determined to win, the only person I wanted to prove something to was myself - that I could beat my demons who have way more experience than me in the FGC competitively and take home another major.

Agreed. The majority of us have been doing this since Super Turbo. It's fair game if it's in the game mechanics. CvS2 had roll-cancels, Urien from Third Strike had his infamous un-blockable Aegis Reflector setups, and MvC2 had so many 'fun' mechanics that it became normal for everyone to use them and seen in just about every MvC2 match at the high level. Infinites, un-blockables, fly-unfly combos, guard breaks, and more. I can continue to name more games, but we don't have time for that. lol

This tournament was stacked with a lot of Killers. Every pool had at least 3 really high profile players. Did you feel that your pool had a fair amount of challenges as the other pools did?

Well firstly, I don’t agree there were 3 really high profile players in each pool. But I will admit that I felt a sense of relief when I looked at my pool compared to past majors. I generally end up in very challenging pools.

I guess that’s sort of the gift/curse of being seeded, which I had to earn. But I didn't avoid the killers. I had to play them on finals day.

You ended up advancing to Top 8 on Finals Day. Were there any matches that you were worried about if you ended up playing them? In particular, you had Floridian Demon, Rico Suave, and Tyrant on your side of the bracket. Your first match paired you with Floridian Demon and converted Glacius player who was using Kan-Ra. Then the winner between Rico Suave and Tyrant. A Swiss Army Knife when it comes to the select character screen and then a really strong Spinal. Arguably the best.

To be honest the only matchup I really feared was Rico. He trained me a lot when I first started getting competitive in the FGC and as a result he knows all my tendencies - good and bad. He also mains enough characters that he can counter-pick both of my mains. That’s kind of scary. As a result I almost lost to him, and had to really pull out some craziness to overcome the life deficits he put me in early in our matches.

Tyrant was in the back of my mind as well as he’s been a demon of mine in the past, but I was extremely prepared for the Spinal matchup and I’m not sure Tyrant would have known how to fight Riptor. Honestly, I was hoping to fight him because I wanted to prove to myself that I could beat him in tournament. Maybe next time. :)

You played BassNS in Winners Finals, another Spinal player. What was your game plan for this match?

I honestly didn't expect him to make it that far so I didn't really consider a game plan to fight him, but I knew the Spinal matchup well and am well-versed in Bass’s weaknesses as a player from playing him in previous tournaments and sets.

In Grand Finals, you faced off against the Evo 2014 Champ, The Steam Co. CDjr. Tell me, how bad did you want to win this game? There seemed to be  a lot of trash talking behind the scenes regarding previous results at another event.

I wanted it, badly. I have to admit I focused heavily on this accomplishment, mentally. I came close a few times after Summer Jam where I beat CDjr in Grand Finals, but was never able to seal the deal again. The trash talking between JR and I gets heated because we’re passionate competitors but it’s always friendly in the end. We’re the same when it comes to this stuff so we’ll always have that to celebrate together even if you see us talking trash in public.

Things got pretty heated at the NEC Salty Suite where he tried to make a significant bet that I could not beat his Maya, so it was pretty gratifying to accomplish that feat the following day in a tournament setting.

Again, much respect to him. He was one of the reasons I took KI to the next level after ECT. My (awful) loss to him there pushed me to seek Rico out for training and focus to become a top competitor.

That’s also why it feels so damn good.

After winning Winter Brawl, you were in attendance at The Saucey Suite. How many KI Gold matches did you accept or denied and why?

The night before pools I was chilling at the bar alone having dinner and Psychotica, his girl, and 8-Bit Zombie showed up. Psychotica was talking all sorts of mess about how trash I am, how he knows all my bad habits, etc. So during pools I was telling Rico about this whole fiasco and Rico straight up called him out in front of everyone to money match later that night. He accepted, albeit somewhat reluctantly haha.

Also, I think JMart sponsored Grief to MM me, which I accepted.

I challenged JaySlik because he’s always talking mess about me, but he denied.

I also challenged Junior’s Sadira, but he denied.

I think I might be missing someone. Anyway, Saucy Suite was a lot of fun. I was more entertained by the shit-talking on stream than the matches. So shout outs to Tristan for facilitating that.

With the new changes to Riptor in the Aganos patch 2.4, are you keeping Riptor as your main or will we be seeing a switch back to Sabrewulf?

There were a LOT of changes. Basically, Riptor is a different character now. Her entire playstyle was centered around flame carpet lockdown and HP predator cancel setups. Both of those things are completely gone now. You can jump out of flame carpet, and HP predator cancel is completely removed. So I’ve basically been re-learning setups from the ground-up since the patch hit.

Honestly, I've been doing better with her, but she does require a lot more work and matchup awareness than she did before. I've been working really really hard to get her back up to speed after the patch. I think I’m almost there.

So yeah, I’ll be keeping her as a main along with Wulf, and hopefully Hisako / Cinder if they’re fun.

Who was your first main character?


Was it always Sabrewulf?

Yes. First time I ever played KI was at the Microsoft Store before the X1 released with Sabrewulf and I fell in love. Since he was so fun I never really had any reason to pick a different character.  Also, he was incredibly good in S1 so it wasn't much of a struggle to get really good until later on.

If Iron Galaxy told you that they’re giving Sabrewulf a new move, what would you hope that move would be and do you feel it would go back to using Sabrewulf?

I've actually never given this question much thought. I think he’s fine the way he is. He’s still an insanely good, scary character. I’m surprised more people aren't doing work with him. People might be surprised to hear this, but Sabrewulf isn't an easy character to win with anymore. That backdash nerf really forces people to have to play carefully with him, and that’s a hurdle most players are unable to overcome.

I still use him, though. The only reason you’re not seeing him in tournament is because I’m forcing myself to use Riptor 100% of the time. Once I feel like I've exploited most of Riptor’s potential you’ll see more of a balance of use between the 2 chars with me. Riptor loses some matchups that Wulf doesn't so expect to see more meticulous char selection from me in the future.

I hear that you have this “Best Show in the World” on the internets. Care to give us the name of the show and how we can tune in? Does it require us to have popcorn, it’s so entertaining? The public wants to know!

HAH! That’s what people keep telling me. I spend a lot of time thinking about unique things I can do on the show that other streamers aren't doing. Most guys just get in front of the camera, play games, avoid controversial topics, and try really really hard to be the “nice guy” so they don’t polarize people and potentially lose viewership.

If you say something controversial to an audience you can be sure some small percentage is going to take offense and never come back to your stream. I really don’t care about any of that. When you come to the PaulB Show you’re getting 100% unfiltered PaulB. I think that’s part of what people love about it, and that’s what makes it fun for me.

For example, the other day we had Keits on the show to do an interview, and instead of doing another boring interview where we ask safe questions about shit that’s already been talked about 1,000 times I told Keits to get off the mic and put his wife on because it was her birthday. I got her to tell us stories about how they met, how long it took Keits to ask her out, make his first move (a long time apparently haha), and it was really entertaining. Then we got into some really interesting details about the game that hadn't and still haven’t been talked about anywhere else.

Weave also done creative things like the KI News Network, Cuelight, and 3 Frames. Nickvicious recently tweeted that our subscriber celebration is pretty much the best on Twitch and that nobody even comes close. Our newest emote is a picture of Rico’s face on a dartboard with a dart in it. I mean, come on! LOL

It’s funny, now that I’m partnered I realize that all the KI streamers are doing exactly what Twitch suggests you do to be successful. Once you’re accepted into the partner program you get an e-mail from Twitch and it suggests exactly the following: subscriber tournaments, letting subs pick what game you play, sub-only chat days. Sound familiar? I’m really challenging myself to try and offer subscriber perks that are unique and set us apart. I might fail at first, but I’ll keep trying. We’ll come up with something good!

Oh, people always ask me if I’m high on the show because I act crazy and have lots of energy, but really I’m just having a lot of fun and being 100% myself. Goofy, crazy, controversial - it’s just me being me, and I think people appreciate that. It also helps that I’m pretty good at the game. I work hard. People appreciate that too, and they get a lot of good info and tips.

So it’s like, “hey, this dude acts like a complete idiot and I think he’s on drugs, but he’s really good.” It kind of messes with their heads hahah.

You can catch The PaulB Show 8pm-11pm EST every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday with Special Editions held occasionally on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at unscheduled times throughout the day.

Come get those emotes! Also, one of our sub benefits is that I’ll play a monthly set with you, if you want to be competitive, and we’ll do reply analysis. I’ll give you tips and stuff to work on and then reassess the next month when we play again. Sort of like a personal trainer. I’ve also got some other things in the pipeline I’m sure people will love.

Thanks! I always make sure to share when you are streaming via Facebook and Twitter.
Okay, Paul. Here’s a tough one. Actually it isn't that tough. In your opinion who’s the best character in the game right now and who’s the worst. Pick one for each. (I hope you don’t say Glacius!) lol

on paper…
Best: Fulgore
Worst: Aganos

in practice…
Best: Spinal/Maya
Worst: Aganos (poor guy, I hope someone focuses on him so this changes)

Alrighty. Time for the lightning round! Ready?


Gibson or Fender?

I hate both - give me a PRS

Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite or Uncle Ruckus from The Boondocks?

I honestly have no idea what this means

lol It doesn't mean anything!
Dasani or Evian?
(Evian is naive backwards by the way :D  )

*Here is where Paul flipped the script on me!
Coffee or Red Bull?

I ask the questions here! lol

Android or iPhone?


And stop!  Now that wasn't so bad, was it?

Before I let you go. What’s with the letter ‘B’ in your name “PaulB”? Is it your middle initial? Do you even have a middle name? Does the government know that? Hell, does Ultratech?!

It means whatever you want it to mean. Some have called me PaulBeast, PaulBae, PaulBitch. Consider it my gift to the community so I can always be the PaulB you want me to be.

If people wanted to follow you on social media, how can they go about doing so? (but I prob won’t accept you cause I’m too Hollywood)

Cool! Thank you so much for you time, Paul B and looking forward to watching you play at Final Round, and on your show!

See you there!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Killer Instinct Winter Brawl Interview: Steam Co. CDjr.

My next entry of interviews is with the the Evolution 2014 Killer Instinct Champion, Emmanuel Brito aka CDjr. Won't keep you waiting much longer. Here is it!

Rodolfo Camarena
You attended Winter Brawl last month and placed 2nd. What were your thoughts on this year's event?

Emmanuel CDjr Brito
Winter brawl never disappointing or any tournament run by big e for that matter. I had a lot of fun and met some new KI players and even though I didn't win I had lots of fun

Rodolfo Camarena
In Winners, you played Bass and got sent to losers. What was going through your mind when this happened?

Emmanuel CDjr Brito
Bass is an amazing player who only keeps getting better and better he outplayed me that set. After the lost I was so salty because duh I lost but I was also happy, happy because I'm seeing improvement in these players which only helps the game and community overall
It motivates other players to grind it out and get better

Rodolfo Camarena
In order to make it out of losers, you had quite the obstacles to negotiate. Which one weighed on you more? The match between yourself and your training partner and friend, Rico Suave or the rematch with Bass to make it to Grand Finals?

Emmanuel CDjr Brito
Honestly I worry the same about every player in tournament but I did get kinda sad cause I had to play Rico in losers and we usually play in grand finals
But overall
I was calm and just wanted to win so in my mind I was like "I'm jut gonna play the best I can against these guys

Rodolfo Camarena
It seems you were more focused in the runback with Bass and dominated the match. What adjustments, if any, were made?

Emmanuel CDjr Brito
I just played more patient and made better decisions where as bass played the same so I picked up on his patterns

Rodolfo Camarena
You made it to Grand Finals against Paul B, care to give us your synopsis on the match?

Emmanuel CDjr Brito
Honestly there is not much I can say about this match lol I just got mauled I didn't know what Riptor was doing that mu is foreign to me.
Then people came to me and told me I was getting hit by unbreakables and block inf
I didn't know

Rodolfo Camarena

Emmanuel CDjr Brito
So I was ooooooook
I'll hold that shit
I wasn't prepared
He was
So no excuses

Rodolfo Camarena
Okay. Who, in your opinion is the best character int he game right now?

Emmanuel CDjr Brito
I don't know who is the best yet because there are more things to be discovered but Fulgore, Jago, Spinal, Sabrewulf, and Sadira look really strong.

Rodolfo Camarena
Well, if you had to name someone, who would it be?
Or at least top 3 if that's easier.

Emmanuel CDjr Brito
Fulgore Jago Spinal

Rodolfo Camarena
Okay, easier questions. Worst character, in your opinion.

Emmanuel CDjr Brito

Rodolfo Camarena
Okay, CDjr. Going to wrap this up.
With a flurry of questions
No thinking, just answer

Emmanuel CDjr Brito

Rodolfo Camarena
Mac or PC?

Emmanuel CDjr Brito

Rodolfo Camarena
Papas Yuka o Papas Fritas?

Emmanuel CDjr Brito

Rodolfo Camarena
Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo?

Emmanuel CDjr Brito

Rodolfo Camarena
Captain Caveman or Captain Planet?

Emmanuel CDjr Brito
How dare you compare the two!

Rodolfo Camarena
Blue or Black?

Emmanuel CDjr Brito

Rodolfo Camarena
Legos or Mega Blocks?

Emmanuel CDjr Brito
Idk wtf are mega blocks

Rodolfo Camarena
LOL, they're like the Wal-Mart brand of Legos
they specialize in licenses though, like CoD, Halo, and Warcraft.
They're clunkier looking, but people like them.

Rodolfo Camarena
Alright, brother. That was fun. Will we'll be seeing you at Final Round?

Emmanuel CDjr Brito
Yes sir

Rodolfo Camarena
Is there anything else you'd like to share with everyone who'll be reading this?
Oh... just remembered. You're an MK fan too. What platform will you be getting MKX for?

Emmanuel CDjr Brito
Except last gen

Rodolfo Camarena
Cool. One last thing. If people wanted to say... watch you play or something... where can they go to do that and if they wanted to follow you, what's your Twitter handle?

Emmanuel CDjr Brito
My twitter is MKKI_CDjr and my twitch is cdjr02

Rodolfo Camarena
Thank you so much for the interview, CDjr. It was  a pleasure.

Emmanuel CDjr Brito
Anytime bro

Killer Instinct Winter Brawl 9 Interviews: Bass NS

Hello, folks! I'm starting a new series of blogs where I interview top players from the FGC, with the focus on players from the Killer Instinct community. Now this first entry is an interview with Kenneth Armas aka BassNS.

Rodolfo Camarena
Ready? Ok.
Your main is Spinal, correct?

Kenneth Armas
Yes, since his release

Rodolfo Camarena

Kenneth Armas
Spinal and Riptor were my favorite characters in the original Killer Instinct

Rodolfo Camarena
Why not Glacius?

Kenneth Armas
lol he was probably my 3rd. anytime I saw an arcade machine, I'd mostly pick Glacius
at home though, i'd stick with Spinal/Riptor

Rodolfo Camarena
Okay. So you went to Winter Brawl 9 with a goal. What was your goal and did you accomplish said goal?

Kenneth Armas
I wanted to make Top 8 again, preferably in Winners. and I was determined to win my first major.
when I got there, I saw my competition, and had realized alot of my past demons were back. I wanted to prove myself.
I didnt get 1st, but I did get top 3 (first time ever) and as the tournament progressed, new goals were made, and I achieved it and more.
I finally took out both Grief and CDjr, who have beaten me in previous tournaments
PaulB strikes again, but he's definitely next.

Rodolfo Camarena
How did it feel to send CDjr, Evo Champ, into losers?

Kenneth Armas
At first, I thought "yes, i knew i can do this" because of our first encounter at Apex. I did so well, and I couldn't believe it. I was determined to finish what I had started then.
When I took off my headset, and heard the crowd chant my name, and saw how much bigger the crowd got, it made me realize that I was part of the hype. I was doing my part in making KI grow.
so many emotions ran through me, while i stayed focused on my next match.

Rodolfo Camarena
So you're in Winners Finals and up against, PaulB, but got knocked down to Losers. Tell me. What was going through your mind knowing you had to face CDjr again in order to make it to Grand Finals?

Kenneth Armas
I knew it wasn't going to be free. CDjr is one to get fired up and bring on the pain. I also knew something had happened right before with Rico, so I saw it more as motivation to that fire. I was determined as well, because I wanted my runback with Paul, and wanted to eliminate CDjr completely.

Kenneth Armas
He adapted well, and so did I. But after watching the replays, I realized some stuff I could've done better in the matchup, which is fine. This is why I like watching all of my videos. I like to see what has changed, what can change, and how my opponent has grown as well.

Rodolfo Camarena
You both played very well at Winter Brawl. What's next? Final Round?

Kenneth Armas
Yes, and I'm determined to take it all.
Since NEC, I've made it to Top 8 (starting at Kombo Klash) and have made every Top 8 since then, placing higher and higher every tournament.
Winter Brawl was personally my hardest tournament, next to Evo

Rodolfo Camarena
Those are some great accomplishments and yes, Winter Brawl was pretty stacked. Shout outs to Big E and crew!
Curveball time.
Iron Galaxy said they'll give Spinal a new move, but at the cost of an existing one. Out of his ability to drain Shadow Meter, Instinct Meter, or Skeleport, which one would you sacrifice?
Oh, this new move is multi-projectiles

Kenneth Armas
If I had the choice, I'd keep Spinal as is (since I also thought S1 Spinal was perfect as he was)
but, if i really had to pick, i'd sacrifice the ability to drain Shadow Meter, and keep the rest.

Rodolfo Camarena
Okay. Now let's say, because I just thought about it and didn't consider it, that this new move ISN'T multi-projectiles, but instead his morphing enders from the original KI.

Kenneth Armas
If the morphing enders were just morphing enders (and didnt copy the effects of the enders in the current KI) and i was forced to remove an ability, i'd still remove Shadow Meter drainage.
if Spinal were to morph into said character, AND utilize the ability of the ender, that'd be insane. (IE Thunder's battery ender)

Rodolfo Camarena
Same answer?

Kenneth Armas
interesting question though, because that's literally the only thing I miss about current Spinal vs Classic Spinal

Rodolfo Camarena
Okay, while you think about that, here's another question. In your opinion, who's the best character in the game currently and the worst character?

Kenneth Armas
best is Fulgore. worst is probably Aganos at this point. he is new, yes, but I've put some time into him, and many multi hitting characters will give him trouble.
I do think he will be a great counter to Spinal. Chunks completely shift momentum.

Rodolfo Camarena
Lightning round, not thinking, just answer. ready?

Kenneth Armas
here we go.

Rodolfo Camarena
Coke or Pepsi?

Kenneth Armas

Rodolfo Camarena
McDonald's or Burger King?

Kenneth Armas
burger king

Rodolfo Camarena
Jazz or Rock?

Kenneth Armas

Rodolfo Camarena
KI2 or KI Gold?

Kenneth Armas
KI Gold
2 i meant
never touched gold.

Rodolfo Camarena
for everyone out there. Is it Bass (as in the fish) or Bass (as in the volume)?

Kenneth Armas
Bass (my alias) is my favorite Mega Man character.
B(ass) is the way I say it. It's also a mispronunciation by Capcom of America, so I grew up saying it that way (along with many other fans)
B(ase) is the way you're supposed to say it, since his dog's name is Treble, and Mega Man is filled with musical references.

Kenneth Armas
So, I always tell everyone, they're both 100% okay with me.
But I call myself Bass (as the fish.)

Rodolfo Camarena
Awesome answer and background to your nickname!

Kenneth Armas
lol, i will post it on the page, since it'll probably clear up some confusion.

Rodolfo Camarena
Well, Bass, thank you for your time and and it's been a pleasure interviewing you. You recently just joined Twitter. Mind giving us your Twitter handle again?

Kenneth Armas
(my old gamertag was Xi Bass iX before I was recruited by NS)

Rodolfo Camarena
This concludes the interview. Thanks, bro.

Kenneth Armas
/xibassix will lead everyone to my twitter, youtube, and twitch.
and facebook as well.

Rodolfo Camarena

Kenneth Armas
thank you for everything btw. this was a surprise, and a pleasure to do. I really enjoyed the whole thing.
flattered, and very grateful. Thank you.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Razer Atrox and Mad Catz TE2 Comparison

So it's been a few years, but I'm back! You know how it is, you gain and lose interest in things, get too busy with work, family, and friends, but you manage to come back to the things you've put off. Like a blog for example. Anyway, this one is particular I'm writing is about fightsticks. You read that right. Fightsticks. Fighsticks, or arcade sticks, are controllers many gamers use who play fighting games. Without going into much detail, this blog is to compare two fighsticks for the XBox One.

Okay, here it goes! Quick run down for those who have been living in a basement all last year. Because that's when Microsoft and Sony released their next-gen console. Crazy, I know huh? Anyway, while you were living off pork n' beans and water, many of us have been playing XBox One and PlayStation 4. You should probably sit down for this next bit of news, but you remember that one game with that announcer that would yell out every combo at you? Doesn't ring a bell? Okay, try this. It had a female spy, a robot, dinosaur, a Tibetan Ninja, a boxer, an Indian (or Native American), a man made of fire, and an alien. Some cast huh? Yeah, that's right. Killer Instinct! They rebooted it for the Xbox One. Now that you're caught up to 2014, let's proceed.

Here is the Atrox fightstick by Razer.

 photo atrox_vs_te24_zpsdbfd3af6.jpg

Here is the TE2 fighstick by Mad Catz.

 photo atrox_vs_te23_zps3a4c07b8.jpg

I want to go over a few of the differences between the two XBox One fighsticks. I'll start off by giving you a brief description of the Atrox. The Atrox reuses the same shell as its XBox 360 counterpart, which was released last May/June. Equipped with its own storage compartment for its 13ft/4M USB cable and an additional bat/ball top for you joystick, as well as tool for removing the plexi faceplate to remove and insert custom artwork. The Select/Start or View/Menu buttons are located to the rear of the right side of the stick. Of course, since it houses a USB cable, it means that it's detachable. Not only that, but the XBox One version has a screw-lock feature for extra security. The rubber padding underneath prevents the Atrox from moving all over the place when set on a hard surface. Gone, is the rapid-fire feature, which isn't used in fighters to begin with and replaced with a larger 'lock switch' to prevent accidental in game pause or access to the home menu.

Now I'll give a description of the TE2. The View/Menu buttons are located at the back of the fighstick as it did with the TE. The TE2 also has a storage compartment to store its screw-lock USB cable, a pair of extra pushbuttons, and a Mad Catz tool kit. Not only that, but the space is enough to store an XBox One game too. The Killer Instinct TE2 features LED lighting with transluscent buttons. The newer TE2s does not have LED lighting or feature the KI design, but retains all other features.

"Rotendo, I don't want to read about differences or any of that noise. I want to see them for myself!" Okay, these picture comparisons are just for you! I'll try to provide a caption underneath in case you don't know exactly what you're looking at.

 photo atrox_vs_te2_zpse9aea993.jpg

 photo atrox_vs_te22_zpsfd803836.jpg Side by Side

 photo atrox_vs_te26_zpsab7959b4.jpg Front Angle Shot

 photo atrox_vs_te28_zpsa921852c.jpg Opened Up!

 photo atrox_vs_te29_zps456e9df1.jpg
Top View

 photo atrox_vs_te211_zps49808d1b.jpg Let's store a game, shall we?

 photo atrox_vs_te212_zpsa902124e.jpg Atrox - Nope

 photo atrox_vs_te213_zps71de86b2.jpg
TE2 - Yes!

 photo atrox_vs_te214_zpsaa25fa3f.jpg Atrox Clearance

 photo atrox_vs_te215_zps5cb4faa5.jpg
TE2 Clearance

 photo atrox_vs_te219_zps329dd04f.jpg
Atrox - Cable Security

 photo atrox_vs_te220_zps33438d1b.jpg
TE2 - Cable Security

 photo atrox_vs_te222_zps4c93277d.jpg Side View

 photo atrox_vs_te232_zps44d81359.jpg Bottoms Up!

 photo atrox_vs_te230_zps15aa5e24.jpg Atrox - Bottom

 photo atrox_vs_te231_zpsa0182f0b.jpg
TE2 - Bottom

Alright. Enough pictures. If you rather watch my boring video which I recorded at like 2 in the morning, here it is. You'll get the same information as well as a few good laughs at my expense. It isn't edited or anything. Just decided to record it with my Galaxy and uploaded it. If you have any further questions. Post below or you can leave a comment in the video.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Upper-Cut Circuit Championships (UCC) – The Birth of a New SouthWest Major

What do you get when you incorporate the knowledge, experience, time, and passion from all the tournament organizers within the SouthWest, coupled with high caliber players scattered throughout the region? Why, the Upper-Cut Circuit! The Upper-Cut Circuit is a collaborative effort from tournament organizers from all over the SouthWest Region, with Texas as the focal point. For those of you who need a quick geography lesson, Texas is the second largest state in the United States and could be found between California and New York. You can Wikipedia the rest. Back to the show…

The Upper-Cut Circuit is a series of tournaments within the SouthWest that rewards top performers with points that go towards seeding. The plan is to develop a ranking system for the SouthWestern players and using that strategy, will help increase attendance at ALL tournaments in the Sout West Region. For each game involved in a UCC event, one battle point will awarded for every 8 players in the tournament. Example: SSFIV receives 64-71 entries; 1st would receive 8pts, 2nd 7pts, 3rd 6pts, etc. Keeping the ranking points closer really encourages travel as well.

The tournament directors responsible for developing this system are Jeff “pkrstdnt” Feig and Kent “focusflute” Summerour from Dallas, TX. These gentlemen run the Dallas/Ft Worth Fight Club and you can check out their facebook page here DFW Fight Club
Now what is a major without drama and hype? I call it a Magic the Gathering tournament (hey, I’m not knocking MtG because I use to play it back in the day, I’m just saying it isn’t as exciting to watch) Here are the partial results of UCC ’11 (May 6 – 7, 2011) at the Homestead Suites Ft Worth, TX. Don’t forget to check out the uploaded Finals and Grand Finals! Links after the results.

1st Toan
2nd Ginga Bishounen
3rd GW Stone
4th DRS Nashfan

1st Toi504
2nd Viet
3rd Jan
4th Flash Metroid


1st JOP
2nd FunkPanda
3rd UFO furbarduck
4th Ranmasama

Blazblue CS

1st Ginga Bishounen
2nd Jan
3rd AnimeFreak
4th DRS Nashfan

Tekken 6
1st Raybonekilla
2nd Byakko
3rd Link
4th I.C.E.

Arcana Heart 3

UFO fubarduck

Pictures from the event can be viewed here.

Videos links from the event are listed below:

Direct Feed
MvC3 Winners Finals

MvC3 Losers Finals

MvC3 Grand Finals

SSFIV Winners Finals

SSFIV Losers Finals

SSFIV Grand Finals

MK9 Winners Finals

MK9 Losers Finals

MK9 Grand Finals

Tekken 6 Winners Finals

Tekken 6 Losers Finals

Tekken 6 Grand Finals

Blazblue CS Losers Finals

Blazblue CS Winners Finals

Blazblue CS Grand Finals


MvC3 Grand Finals Part 1

MvC3 Grand Finals Part 2

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Return of Mortal Kombat and... PDP's Mortal Kombat FightStick

What are you doing reading this? You should be playing the rehashed Mortal Kombat right now, but I'll just assume you're at work and stuck behind a monitor or two and if you're like me, three.

Mortal Kombat released yesterday, April 19th, 2011 for both the PlayStation® 3, and Xbox© 360 and brings with it the fatalities, blood, and gore that the series is known for. The game takes place throughout different periods of the Mortal Kombat series. The story unfolds when you play through the game in Story Mode. It starts off with the camera panning through a field of deceased combatants, finally reaching to Shao Khan and Raiden where Shao Khan is about to finish off Raiden... oh wait...***SPOILER*** then begins reciting some spell, then you hear him say, "He must win"... and boom! You begin back with MK1 you begin playing through the MK storyline with various characters. Very much like in MK vs DC.

If feels like MK vs DC and plays much like MKII and UMK3 (without the run button) coupled with some elements from Tekken and Street Fighter. It features 2v2 mode, ladder mode, challenge mode, and of course online mode. About the only thing I don't like is the way you have to configure your controller/arcade stick. During the game, when you select controller you only get the options for preset 1, 2, 3, or 4. Meaning configuration for preset 1-4 must be done at the main menu options. Another gripe I have is that you do not have all the fatalities at the start of the game. You must unlock everyone's second fatality and their stage fatalities. Playing through story and ladder modes earns you coins you can use to unlock items, content, fatalities, and etc at the Krypt. The good thing about that though is it give the game a higher replay value.

In MK9, added gameplay features includes combo breakers, x-ray moves, and enhanced specials utilizing the new super meter. A full super meter allows you to use the x-ray move dealing massive damage to your opponent. This was implemented as a way for you to comeback and to help balance different skill levels. There are different opinions about this, but that can discussed at various forums and message boards. Two bars filled allows you to use a combo breaker to interrupt your opponents combo. One bar allows you to use an enhanced version of any of your special moves.

There quite a bit more I can talk about, but I want to shift the focus to PDP's FightStick designed exclusively for Mortal Kombat 9 and sold in a Tournament Edition of MK9 but in limited quantities. Now I can really go into detail about the fighstick, but since I have already done some of that in another post regarding modding the stick, I'll just link PDP's video discussing their stick. In Depth with the Mortal Kombat Fight Stick (PDP)

With all that out of the way... lets more on to what you can do with your fightstick, like modding it! Actually. You know what? I'll just link the goodness, yet again. I modified my sticks shortly after picking up my Tournament Edition copy of the game, but not before I got to test it out and use it in a tournament (which I ended up getting 2nd place)
PDP's Mortal Kombat FighStick and Modding

So there you have it. Enjoy the video and modding tutorial (if you would call it that), now go get your fatality on!