Sunday, July 20, 2014

Razer Atrox and Mad Catz TE2 Comparison

So it's been a few years, but I'm back! You know how it is, you gain and lose interest in things, get too busy with work, family, and friends, but you manage to come back to the things you've put off. Like a blog for example. Anyway, this one is particular I'm writing is about fightsticks. You read that right. Fightsticks. Fighsticks, or arcade sticks, are controllers many gamers use who play fighting games. Without going into much detail, this blog is to compare two fighsticks for the XBox One.

Okay, here it goes! Quick run down for those who have been living in a basement all last year. Because that's when Microsoft and Sony released their next-gen console. Crazy, I know huh? Anyway, while you were living off pork n' beans and water, many of us have been playing XBox One and PlayStation 4. You should probably sit down for this next bit of news, but you remember that one game with that announcer that would yell out every combo at you? Doesn't ring a bell? Okay, try this. It had a female spy, a robot, dinosaur, a Tibetan Ninja, a boxer, an Indian (or Native American), a man made of fire, and an alien. Some cast huh? Yeah, that's right. Killer Instinct! They rebooted it for the Xbox One. Now that you're caught up to 2014, let's proceed.

Here is the Atrox fightstick by Razer.

 photo atrox_vs_te24_zpsdbfd3af6.jpg

Here is the TE2 fighstick by Mad Catz.

 photo atrox_vs_te23_zps3a4c07b8.jpg

I want to go over a few of the differences between the two XBox One fighsticks. I'll start off by giving you a brief description of the Atrox. The Atrox reuses the same shell as its XBox 360 counterpart, which was released last May/June. Equipped with its own storage compartment for its 13ft/4M USB cable and an additional bat/ball top for you joystick, as well as tool for removing the plexi faceplate to remove and insert custom artwork. The Select/Start or View/Menu buttons are located to the rear of the right side of the stick. Of course, since it houses a USB cable, it means that it's detachable. Not only that, but the XBox One version has a screw-lock feature for extra security. The rubber padding underneath prevents the Atrox from moving all over the place when set on a hard surface. Gone, is the rapid-fire feature, which isn't used in fighters to begin with and replaced with a larger 'lock switch' to prevent accidental in game pause or access to the home menu.

Now I'll give a description of the TE2. The View/Menu buttons are located at the back of the fighstick as it did with the TE. The TE2 also has a storage compartment to store its screw-lock USB cable, a pair of extra pushbuttons, and a Mad Catz tool kit. Not only that, but the space is enough to store an XBox One game too. The Killer Instinct TE2 features LED lighting with transluscent buttons. The newer TE2s does not have LED lighting or feature the KI design, but retains all other features.

"Rotendo, I don't want to read about differences or any of that noise. I want to see them for myself!" Okay, these picture comparisons are just for you! I'll try to provide a caption underneath in case you don't know exactly what you're looking at.

 photo atrox_vs_te2_zpse9aea993.jpg

 photo atrox_vs_te22_zpsfd803836.jpg Side by Side

 photo atrox_vs_te26_zpsab7959b4.jpg Front Angle Shot

 photo atrox_vs_te28_zpsa921852c.jpg Opened Up!

 photo atrox_vs_te29_zps456e9df1.jpg
Top View

 photo atrox_vs_te211_zps49808d1b.jpg Let's store a game, shall we?

 photo atrox_vs_te212_zpsa902124e.jpg Atrox - Nope

 photo atrox_vs_te213_zps71de86b2.jpg
TE2 - Yes!

 photo atrox_vs_te214_zpsaa25fa3f.jpg Atrox Clearance

 photo atrox_vs_te215_zps5cb4faa5.jpg
TE2 Clearance

 photo atrox_vs_te219_zps329dd04f.jpg
Atrox - Cable Security

 photo atrox_vs_te220_zps33438d1b.jpg
TE2 - Cable Security

 photo atrox_vs_te222_zps4c93277d.jpg Side View

 photo atrox_vs_te232_zps44d81359.jpg Bottoms Up!

 photo atrox_vs_te230_zps15aa5e24.jpg Atrox - Bottom

 photo atrox_vs_te231_zpsa0182f0b.jpg
TE2 - Bottom

Alright. Enough pictures. If you rather watch my boring video which I recorded at like 2 in the morning, here it is. You'll get the same information as well as a few good laughs at my expense. It isn't edited or anything. Just decided to record it with my Galaxy and uploaded it. If you have any further questions. Post below or you can leave a comment in the video.